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Art Class Volume 5




Art Class Title Pink




Art Class Volume 5

Art Class Volume 5

Proportions for Composition





Art Lessons



Art Class Volume 5 Proportions for Composition

Lesson 17 –  Stand Your “Ground”

Learn all about the grounds! The important concept in the drawing of background, middle ground and foreground is explored, as well as horizon line – all key to determining space!

Lesson 18 – Keep Things in Proportion

Proper proportion makes for more realistic drawings. Master Artist Pat teaches how to use a simple measuring tool to get the best results for keeping objects in your drawing in proportion.

Lesson 19 – Scale

How does the artist let the viewer know what size things are? Is it a large mountain or a little hill? Focus on determining scale in your artwork, and look at some amazing American masterpieces!

Lesson 20 – Point of View

Pat introduces the concept of point of view: bird’s-eye-view (from up high) and worm’s-eye-view (from down low). The optional vantage points for drawing allow for greater creativity. Knowing the point of view is key to realistic drawing!



Running Time: 52 Minutes



Supplies Needed


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Art Class Volume 5


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