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In this new video workshop from See the Light, chalk artist Jim Pence combines both in this step by step video workshop.
In easy to follow, "bite-size" segments, Jim demonstrates how to use soft pastels to draw his picture, Lazy Sunset. This workshop also includes several techniques videos, where Jim shows you simple ways to draw clouds, water, and rocks. And you'll also find a special, easy version of this drawing for younger children or beginners.

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In Watercolor Christmas Ornaments you will learn how to create Christmas ornaments with watercolor paper and paints. This is an easy and fun project, and it's a great way for your children to make Christmas gifts for grandparents and other family members.

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Draw a majestic mountain landscape in soft pastels, and learn basic technique with See the Light's Pastel Landscape e-book. This enhanced e-book includes a step-by-step audio commentary by instructor, Jim Pence.

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Learn basic watercolor techniques as you paint a beautiful monarch butterfly. This course will help you learn important watercolor skills such as washes, dry-brush technique, working with liquid mask, and much more.

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