How to Draw Rocks and Boulders

How to Draw Rocks in Chalk

In this video tip, See the Light chalk artist, Jim Pence demonstrates how to draw large rocks and boulders with lecturer’s chalk. He’s also included four short (five-ish minute) YouTube videos with different approaches to drawing rocks with pencil and pen.

Jim is drawing with lecturer’s chalk on bogus paper. You can purchase these supplies at Eternity Arts ( If you don’t want to buy chalk, soft pastels will work just as well, and you can draw on pastel paper or construction paper.

If you enjoy this lesson, be sure to scroll down and check out our video series Art Class, taught by master artist Pat Knepley. You can download the first three lessons, free!

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What you’ll learn…

The foundational skill of art is drawing.

Whether you’re using a pencil, pen, brush, or a piece of chalk, it’s all about drawing.

In your free lessons, you’ll learn…

…The basics of what makes a drawing
…What you need to have in your drawing “toolkit”
…The most essential skill of drawing
…How to synchronize your hand and your eyes
…The basics of composition