Holiday Wreath Napkin Project

Holiday Wreath Napkins Project
Click the image to view and save the project

Here is a fun and easy project by See the Light’s creative lettering artist, Heidi Shorts, that will add beauty to your Christmas dinner table settings: holiday wreath napkins. Here is Heidi’s introduction to the project:

“There is often so much activity this time of year. Gift giving, baking, decorating, events to prepare for and attend, special projects…whew! It’s easy to get so busy, we forget to enjoy the holiday. We certainly don’t want to forget why we’re celebrating. In our house we love Christmas, but sometimes I’m overloaded.

“Maybe that happens in your house, too? Well, here’s a project that you can do to add to the festivities and help in a beautiful, practical way. If there’s a special meal planned for friends or family, offer to set the table and contribute these unique napkins.”

To view this project online, click on the image to open the PDF file. Once it’s open, you can save it to your computer and keep it as our Christmas gift to you.