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Art Class Volume 9 DVD 2


Art Class Volume 9 – The Portrait


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Art Class Popup Volume 9 Portrait
Lesson 33 – Drawing People

Drawing people and capturing a likeness is one of the most difficult skills as an artist! You will learn the basic proportions as Master Artist Pat takes you through the drawing of a full-face portrait step-by-step.

Lesson 34 – A Different View

Portraits don’t have to be the full face! Pat walks you through some tips on correctly drawing a profile, or side view, using something you see every day. It might be in your pocket right now.

Lesson 35 – It Starts with a Stick Figure

Drawing people is not as tricky as you might think. Just start with the basics – the basic structure, that is! Pat shows you how simple stick figures can help you be a better artist when it comes to figure drawing.

Lesson 36 – The Human Figure

Artists have drawn the human figure since the beginning of time. You will learn the fundamentals of proper pro- portions in figure drawing, which is key to achieving realism.

Running Time: 68 Minutes

Supplies Needed

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Art Class Volume 9 DVD 2


Shipping weight: 2.7 oz – Calculate Shipping




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Good for my teens

My teens - 16,14,13 love to draw and always have. I think they have real talent, but they have trouble drawing people. I got this at the Cincy convention. Jim Pence helped me to make a decision. Great recommendation. Even though they know how to draw, they still needed to watch each lesson on the DVD several times as well as practice to really learn. Excellent value!  

Got teens


Got teens


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