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Need help teaching art at home?

Unless you’re artistically inclined, teaching homeschool art is tough!

But now you can teach art at home like a pro with Art Class from See the Light Art! 

It’s like bringing an art teacher into your home!

See the Light Art Class 9-DVD Boxed Set

What your children will learn in your free lessons...

The foundational skill of art is drawing. 

Whether you’re using a pencil, pen, brush, or a piece of chalk, it’s all about drawing. 

In your free lessons, your children will…

…Learn what they need to have in their drawing toolkit (a pencil and copypaper will do for most of the lessons).

…Learn about the first element of art: LINE.

…Learn how to train their eyes and hand to work together when drawing something.

…Learn some basics of composition.

…Learn how to draw a shoe by looking at it.

What is Art Class?

Art Class is 36 step-by-step video lessons (available on DVD or digital download) taught by Master Artist Pat Knepley. All lessons include art history, and Biblical truth is integrated into every lesson.This set contains a full school year’s worth of art instruction and will give your children the tools they need to draw well.

Master Artist Pat Knepley’s warmth and engaging personality captures children’s attention, draws them into the learning process, and leads them through a successful drawing experience in every lesson.

Each lesson runs approximately 15-25 minutes and includes suggestions for follow-up drawing activities.

Art History is another feature of ART CLASS. Your children will become acquainted with the famous masterpieces of many artists.

Biblical truth is integrated into every lesson.

You’ll only need basic supplies for these lessons. Most of the time a piece of copy paper, a #2 pencil, and a good eraser will be all you need.

What Are Moms Saying About Art Class?

Convenience + High quality + Joy of the Lord

The convenience of having this high-quality, DVD art instruction by Christian teachers in our home is an answer to prayer. And, I just love how the joy of the Lord comes through in all of Pat’s videos. Thank you all again! — Cardamon’s Pond

Love it!

My children and I really love this DVD set. It makes teaching Art SO EASY. All I have to do is gather supplies ahead of time and we are good to go. I even do the lessons with my children and have definitely improved my drawing skills. The bonus to the art lessons Pat teaches is the mini-Bible lessons. — Michelle

Download Four Free Lessons!

We’ve included the first four lessons of Art Class below for you to stream or download. We hope you and your children will enjoy them. (To download, just right click in the video and choose: “Save as” or “Save video as” to download and keep the videos.)

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