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Homeschooling Moms: 

Teach art at home like a pro with Art Class from See the Light Art! 

It’s like bringing an art teacher into your home!

Outstanding art instruction, with art history and Bible in every lesson.

Download three free lessons to see for yourself!

See the Light Art Class 9-DVD Boxed Set

What you'll learn in your free lessons...

The foundational skill of art is drawing. 

Whether you’re using a pencil, pen, brush, or a piece of chalk, it’s all about drawing. 

In your free lessons, you’ll learn…

Convenience + High quality + Joy of the Lord

The convenience of having this high-quality, DVD art instruction by Christian teachers in our home is an answer to prayer. And, I just love how the joy of the Lord comes through in all of Pat’s videos. Thank you all again! — Cardamon’s Pond

Love it!

My children and I really love this DVD set. It makes teaching Art SO EASY. All I have to do is gather supplies ahead of time and we are good to go. I even do the lessons with my children and have definitely improved my drawing skills. The bonus to the art lessons Pat teaches is the mini-Bible lessons. — Michelle